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Looking for something? You may have missed a piece on one of our pages, and you are trying to find it? No worries. Here is a list of the main links that are laid out representing the menu and footer links on the front page. The main menu is the menu that is on top of the page, under ARHATS. These are categories that pertain to articles that were published and categorized under. If you click on one of these links, it will bring you to its archive category page, and from there you can choose the specific article. Within the article, there is also a sidebar with content that are related to the editor’s message, Arhats’ Credo, Sponsored Links/Advertisements, Latest Articles, Archives, Calendar, or other content that we occasionally change and move around for improving the site for readers like you. So if you are interested in our content, the best place to start, if you are just starting, or if you are looking for an article or piece that you forgot to bookmark, that would be the best place for future bookmarks. If you still need help or encouragement, check out our About page and Credo page.

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