If you are still exploring and trying to find it, Finding the way to a simpler life is just like that.

It becomes almost impossible to because once you choose anew you are also in effect possibly emotionally hurting the old if you have a purpose and vision that may be different. And with Arhats, to provide people the “bag” or tool to find their way to the more important positive things in life is it.

Thus what have already been published is one of your gears to add to your journey to finding the greater things in life and there are no more ambitions left for Arhats to share because purpose and passion comes from one’s self. If you have already found it, that’s great and congratulations and who ever you are, if you are still trying to discover, you’ll know what to do. Because, nothing lasts forever.

Again, for those who are curious about when taking off? one is also possibly emotionally hurting the old because some will take a longer time to recover from parting ways or some will not be able to live through life to read, comprehend or experience it. Because even with Arhats’ purpose and vision or one’s very own, some may still not be able to explore and find what is in front of them that you or Arhats has already shared.

Lastly and again, Arhats’ place was made for providing everyone the tools (Arhats’ contents or services or products) who are still exploring and trying to find what is in front of them, for them to have a gear-helper for their road or one’s own road to contentment.

Best Regards,