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One of Arhats’ philosophy points to “Simplify to Thrive.™” Since wilderness has been a part of our busy and evolving working world since the beginning of modernity, growth evolved from simplicity. We appreciate and respect the simple landscape because its reciprocal response is thought. Because, as human beings, we depend on tools, technology, the globe and like-minded individuals, there is a duty to choose what is best for this loop. Again, this is done by keeping in mind of a credo.

In social media and similar platforms, one finds comfort in either a favorite choice of an “avatar,” a profile picture, a favorite professional athletes team – like the Saints – or a trend.


1.   Simplicity to Thrive ®

Because of the abundance of things we rely on to help us live comfortably and we want to evolve, we forget to revert to simplicity for growth.



2.   Innovation is important because it can solve social issues

Innovation is important because innovation include individual unique attributes from all over the world. When innovation comes from different communities, people who receive the results who also have not been able to experience and enjoy what others had been able to, may be able to share their own.


3.   Do not be afraid to discover thought from other places and walks of life

Ideas, innovation and passion comes from all places of this world. Be open to listen, collaborate, develop and share with people in all living conditions so that collaboration may develop meaningful and legendary relationships and tools.


4.   Share your thoughts and ideas

Sharing your thoughts and ideas you have curated will positively promote you from and develop partners and followers.


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5.   Trust not only your product that you create, but also trust your purpose

It may be scary to let go of your idea, but anyone can imagine a product, however, what’ll set you apart from others is purpose.


6.   Believe

An idea can only be as good and effective as your confidence can be to share it.


7.   We all have one unique attribute in common and as soon as we are able to accept that fact, can we do greater things

Everyone has something in common. As soon as we are able to comprehend this, will our journey to our destination be more enjoyable and purposeful. We all have goals and we are all headed to the same place but we all believe in taking different trails in getting there.


8.   Experience comes and goes. Understanding, capturing, and sharing it only comes once



9.   Liberate your imagination and dignify your emotions

Allow thought developed from your relationships in because they can liberate your imagination and dignify your emotions.

10.   Barriers to universal collaboration

If you want to consistently collaborate universally, practice to forgo what would normally make you comfortable.

11.   When passion and purpose align

When these two attributes merge, affinity is the reward.


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12.   You are the product

You are born. You rise,. You fall. You hit “rock-bottom.” You fall. You question. You learn. You purport. You rise. Keep on lifting your spirit beyond the greater good of yourself. Your lift is reciprocal.

13.   No Bias

We believe that when we can learn to accept and enjoy what is needed or essential, we will be more satisfied with what we experience from it.

14.   Save the best for last

Innovate, accept state of unease, simplify, passionate, heart, learn, purport, vision and share it.

15. Fear to lose confidence can be your greatest asset because you may become greater

Fear to lose confidence, because you can gain it back. Fearing to lose confidence can be your greatest companion because not knowing how far you can go are one of the finer points to progress thought.

16. Your Idea Speaks Thought

Simply content, words, phrases and product does not define merit. Merit also comes from opportunity, authenticity, purpose and philosophy.

17. Earth may be round and “undevelopable” but your happiness and enjoyment is.
18. If happiness is the goal of competition, happiness will depend on purpose.
19. Ego is just a barrier to the purpose and the outcome of competition.