A Piece-in-Mind while Outdooring in the Wilderness

One of the greatest dangers that we may encounter in the forest is not only the always changing and never enduring landscape but also wild animals.
Photo and design courtesy of Arhats staff

What comes with the outdoor exploration comes with a sense of caution and awareness. One of the greatest dangers to the wild is not only the always changing and never enduring landscape but also wild animals. If you should come across one, you should be aware that there may be more than one.

Like every other tip that you may come across in the outdoor wild animal thumb of rules guide, you must be prudent to take precaution if you were to encounter a wild animal. A bear or a mountain lion are common appearances as you would if you have for trekking off into your closest national park or trail.

A black bear for instance is implacable should you think it is fun and cute to tout, because you never know its level of behavior, or if it is a cub how far its mother is.

The best thing to do is if you want to maintain your safety and enjoyment of the outdoors while you trail across a large wild predator, in this instance a black bear, is to stay calm and identify yourself by dong something gentle and calm so that you understand that you are not panicking but not fulsome.

In addition, according to the National Park Service, sight the surrounding area and step slowly sideways away from the wild animal, provided it is a bear, and be aware of your movement so you are careful to not trip. Do not run.

If you encounter a smaller animal such as a mountain lion, appear large by throwing up your arms and be loud. It would not be a good idea to be nice but if you do you must be aggressive to make noise if the lion move toward you.

There is one main purpose that a wild animal is hunting when you sight it near the periphery between the outdoor and your world and that is food. Now another question may be what else would be a great to prevent an unsafe situation when a wild animal comes into distance?

Since the animal will be suprised and upset because it fears you and it wants to protect its hunt, the animal’s next move is unpredictable when you show up in its path. Due to this, stay calm or be loud and appear large and the other thing you can do is to give it your food.

Contribution: D Cheng
Photo and design courtesy of ARHATS

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