Plant-Based Food Speaks

Brocolli, tomatoe, pecan short bread pie.
Exercise your jaw and mind with a little more plant based foods and open up to your exploration of your enjoyment with what you put into your body, hence mind.
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Food is known to be the greatest source to tinder our mind and body. I was completely drained yet I barely covered any miles on my legs throughout a month I had a great idea to approach writing about the importance of food. I do, however, plan to get back on the exercise regimen soon.

Ever since I discovered a research piece on plant-based foods put together into laymen format, a book written by the Campbells, both doctors and researchers at Cornell University in the field of nutrition and reminiscing of my grandfather’s passing due to cancer, it became too difficult to continue to accept my food choices.

I’ve been eating everywhere where I felt there was a sense of preparation strictness. I normally request my order to not include animal-based products at establishments that also serve animal-based foods. Prepared meals. They are either ready or it takes less than five minutes for the preparer of the establishment to make. And, they are so delicious.

However, living in and through the outdoor lifestyle, choices of intake becomes slim to none. Restaurants. Cafes, Grocery stores but how would you store needed refrigerated foods in hotter days? Gas stations. Those are really it. If you must, prepared meals are available throughout almost every bustling town.

Although on a non animal-based diet excluding dairy, I’ve hit a road block of choices. In addition, I could not think of an approach to write about such an important and sensitive topic. Food.

I ate prepared meals for up to a year until one day instead of just buying my pastries or burrito at the closest grocery store and fast food establishment, I purchased my favorite stock of browns, greens, reds, and yellows. I reverted back to ingesting plant-based foods. Instantly, my mind cleared and I was able to think, speak, and write as I am doing now, feeling clearer than I had been before I became a vegetarian. It was instant. I didn’t have a mirror to see my eyes in action but my vision literally unblured. It felt absolutely amazing.

I remember feeling this clear many years ago but I never felt this feeling I am having trouble to explain instantly. I am glad I took a year eating prepared foods and a hiatus from raw plant-based foods because I wouldn’t have been able to describe the ephemeral feeling I tried describing above and most importantly it would have taken me longer to write and share this prologue with everyone including you who is reading this.

Contributor: D Cheng
Photo and design courtesy of Arhats staff


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