Honda Reveals a Synopsis of Clarity

Honda’s Clarity reveals a prologue to their new version of efficiency and zero emissions.
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Updated on Feb. 5 2017

Honda had been inviting a handful of invitees to test their new zero emissions Honda Clarity. Since then, the Clarity has been launched.

While sought-after outdoor destinations that require further mileage that individuals have become acclimated to which have become popular, zero emissions auto designers have been tinkering away in designing something to improve the demands of their version of “further travel.”

Because these autos’ needed essentials such as electricity and hydrogen are still limited to inner city crowds, how will these auto providers and Honda be able to meet further travel? More “fueling” stations? A more robust battery pack?

Aside from this, lets briefly recap on the outdoor and introduce again the impact and influence of the outdoor, this time, on auto.

As we are all aware, the outdoor can become a lonely place without something that can be fulfilling to the thought of knowing that comfort does not have to meet discomfort.

For the past five years, the surge of interests in the outdoor world of things and developments of efficient and fast transportation has been emerging patiently yet powerfully.

There are finally more zero emissions public transportation that you would normally see five years ago. There are more outdoor themed clothing even when the weather has been warmer. There are more solar powered homes than there were ten years ago.

Road to Clarity - Honda's Clarity

If you simply step out into the long awaited trails and neighboring valleys, there are more outdoor themes in grocers and restaurants than you normally see.

Strange? It may sound like it, but like everything else growth related, simplicity of the outdoor is growing within various industries that we normally visit to replenish our essentials.

Now lets return back to the curiosity of Honda’s and transportation’s introduction to another yet interesting zero emissions vehicle.

Arhats did not get paid by Honda or any other auto establishment for this article to be written. I simply love efficient and fast auto, and because efficiency is becoming the new “Nikes” or “Adidas” in the auto fields, its becoming very interesting to see fast being made out of efficiency.

And since I was introduced and offered to attend this event, I thought to myself, hey, this would be a great addition to Arhats’ travel and outdoor section for those who prefer or favor advanced options for their travels.

In the automobile world, among many other pioneering transportation providers in the transportation world of technology, Honda introduces to us how they plan to meet the demands of further distance in travel using hydrogen and electricity, with their new Honda Clarity.

From first impression, their design is clean,  mean because there are three powered options for the Honda Clarity, and lean because their top model gets you 366 miles. Farther away into the wilderness? Seems so.

It is not just the mileage distance and the option to not use petroleum that you will be offered, but the exterior aesthetic gives a similar appearance of a packaged Honda Crosstour and their previous model Honda Insight, and combined with similar or more travel distance.

However, if you are a fan of Honda or travel with less fuel consumption, you must wonder how will their approach to desigining autos in this new world interest of the outdoor be able to meet the high demands of consumers’ awe of other electrical and zero emission power travel aids and travels to outdoor destinations without worry.

Since the outdoor world of things has an abundant of potential ground for development in outdoor events and transportation, what would be interesting is not only how Honda and other auto-makers will approach their plan to fulfill the outdoor demand, but which designs they will decide to use to meet the demands of drivers’ popular interests of the outdoor and other competing electric and zero emission autos.

Discovered on January 20, 2017
Contributor: D Cheng


Because of the abundance of the things we rely on to help us live comfortably and we want to evolve, we forget to revert back to simplicity for growth.



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