Art over Dinner for a Break

Photo and design courtesy of Arhats staff

In addition to the primary attributes of our culture – food, fashion, entertainment, art – design became the periphery of culture’s packaged attributes and to each of their own.

Before technology had provided customizable design products for artists and individuals alike to share ideas, designing by long-form was the pastime.

Design and art are partners of written content. Otherwise what we understand and see in this world through inventions and creations wouldn’t be as beautiful.

We all encase ideas by drawing and writing from visitations. Now with expensive upgraded designing platforms and advance features, we can now spend more of our activities in free time with thought, ideas, passion and other catalysts to further hike.

Contribution: D Cheng
Photo and design courtesy of Arhats staff

Because of the abundance of things we rely on to help us live comfortably and we want to evolve, we forget to revert to simplicity for growth.