When Comfort Travel Advances

Getting to a destination may not be as difficult and stressful as it may seem or use to be.

Photo and design courtesy of Arhats staff

As new places to discover emerges throughout the world, how we get there becomes a major transformation to our choices and timing of the simple activities each of us wish to live with through any season. Because, when California becomes too dry to snowshoe or too wet to walk, there are other open lands.

Travel and access to places and things we want and need use to be one of the most difficult things to accomplish just to start off a trip. Although it may be stressful to travel away from home, we are now showered with a piece of mind by services that gives us more options where ever fun takes us.

Like comfort food, to some, cooking is their getaway and others, dining out is their charge. Experiencing simplicity is alike in deciding when and how to approach it. Some prefer to borrow and others prefer to bring their own gear and comfort. Whether it be a tool, like a hard tail 29er bicycle or a set of skis, or a service of solitude such as a rental apartment or a camping tent, the decision between borrowing or using your own becomes critical to each traveler’s peregrination.

How to approach your adventure can become difficult because it will determine how you will reciprocate from the resources you use or how you’ll recharged.

Aside from the really resourceful implemented idea of a mailbox locker or will-call locker that is service free, what will be no surprise to see emerge is a place that offers a service to store, ship, and receive your gear for those who consider their way of travel is to have one’s own gear anywhere and anytime.

So if you are along the trails of Yosemite or near the Himalayas, and you need your medicine, you may just be able to log into your smart phone’s app, request your gear or goods, and get it where you are traveling. Or if you are a travel bug and hate to lug around your discoveries, you may just be able to ship it back to base.

Remember that will-call locker? It may just be the place you’ll be receiving what ever you need along your journey anywhere and to ship out other discoveries you prefer not to carry along your journey.

Contributor: D Cheng 

11/03/16 and Updated on 10/24/17

Photo and design courtesy of Arhats staff


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