Fashion a Connotation of Culture

Fashion is just that – you love it and hate it. Style is the epitome of culture like natural anti-oxidants raw fruits gives you. You need it and you think you can not afford it.
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To re-structure the wheel of fashion is like to recreate what originally coined “style.” Or simply put, that what had originally created and defined culture.

Style can not be literally “tailored” to uplift the spirit of brace because culture births fashion.

Style is important because it takes more than one individual to develop similar interests or to develop culture.

Style is a siloutte of culture. Or, design is the natural illustration of culture. Fashion is simply universal.

Culture sculptured style. The molding of fashion is bold because of courage, heart and grit. A worn denim offers more comfort than does a newer one. It is simply beat, softer and more flexible.

If culture was ever great, style wouldn’t have evolved for universal egalatarianism, we’d all get comfort without effort and there wouldn’t be social-economic disparities. It is sad that this is not true, because some are still blind to what “fashion” was born to do. If comfort was not needed and if there were no social-economic disparities, there would be no cultural hikes. Fashion would not exist. Attitude simply wouldn’t give a fuck about style.

Since this is not true and since culture birthed fashion, it means you were born with style and your fashion has a voice.

Sadly, I have to say I was also born with style. I was born in “sewing ‘comfort’” sector of culture. My parents and their culture literally tailored and labored, their entire lives, for white and blue collared lifestyles.

searching and reaching for comfort by whats been left behind the culture of comfort creators.

If there was no “sense”, ‘comfort,’ there wouldn’t be the current connotation of culture – style. Instead, the birth of fashion would be widely understood quickly and simply as unity.

Without the sense of comfort – style or luxury would just lend easily shared tastes, because footwear would not be needed, easily shared opinions will just be a luxury, a hat wouldn’t be needed for warmth or a ring would not be needed for bonding.

And because comfort is a part of everyone’s “senses,” fashion and difference is not a “luxury.” Style or luxury, is, everywhere. This context of thought is what uplifts the spirit of brace.

Style is important because it takes more than one individual and culture to develop similar interests or to develop the culture.

How could style be universal? It already is. How can fashion move forward for what it was born to do? Simply by prioritizing the main context of this article. How do you keep comfort in mind? As stated above, attitude. Attituding, “who cares,” towards style, but embracing it.

February 22nd, 2017
Contributor: D Cheng


We all have one thing in common and as soon as we are able to accept that fact, can we do greater things.



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