The Dichotomy of Technology, Simplicity and Innovation

Photo and design courtesy of ARHATS.
Updated: Oct. 14, 2017

When we want to find a new approach to explore and experience the rivers or the mountain sides in the most remotes part of the world, we tend to go to those breath-taking places. How then would we be able to determine what would be appropriate to bring with our outdoor bag or what to innovate? Or you may prefer the experience by bringing less. 

Which ever the decision may be, there is one thing that fosters our relationship with ideas. Remoteness of the outdoors and purpose. However, introducing new intelligence, comes with its consequences whether we are aware of it or not. Ideas are great, but prologue may disrupt some values and relationships that we may otherwise have without breakthrough. We simply gentrify our and other’s experience. Culture shifts. Our forefathers/mothers will be stunned provided they had the opportunity during their time to live in our lifestyle.

As much as we miss antidullivant products and services, we have an austere capacity to create things with respect of the landscape that we learn, build and live off of. If there were no such things as wilderness, travel may not be as exciting as it would be to travel because you are required to. There may not be rugged themes designed in restaurants. Clothing and style may be banal. Art and entertainment may be repetitive and boring. Culture will miss one cornerstone of our development. Because as ambitious living beings as we are, we rely on nature to keep evolving. How then would we get our organic resources and vitamins? Maybe the question we should also ask is what are the purposes that we want to continually progress?

November 3rd, 2016
Contributor: D Cheng
Photo and design courtesy of ARHATS

The Dichotomy of technology, the outdoor and innovation


Innovation is important because innovation can solve social issues.



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