Amazon’s Outdoor Mailbox Locker, Challenges Your Discovered Pastimes

Making your away from home journey more comfortable may not be a challenge any longer.
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Life through living on or along the road can become difficult for anyone to replenish essentials. Whether you have shelter or you live off the road, life can be sweet because the love of simplicity will eventually grow on you.

One of the most difficult things to commit to may be to travel and live apart from the conventional lifestyle. What makes it more of a challenge is when you must replenish your choice of essentials. You may believe that traveling with everything including alternatives makes the event a stress-free trip. Or you may think of bringing more is a burden to fulfill the event.

Carrying less and just enough essentials may be a more powerful experience to some because one will be required to reciprocate from used resources. Which ever the decision may be of how much gear is in your saddle pack, there is one thing that is always needed and that is a service that can deliver what ever an individual needs in any location at anytime with or without a home or postal box.

There are some traditional services offered by a few of the big name shipping companies that offer a “will-call” service. This service, is modern but scenesent. For those who have used this service well, expect some changes coming soon in this servicing industry. For those who are unfamiliar, this service allows anyone, who makes a purchase through his/her preferred store, to have their purchases delivered to the “will-call” department of a shipping company. Anyone can pick up the package at the shipping company conveniently. If there are concerns with delivery of packages to home when no one is available to receive it, this is an alternative option. But wait, there’s more to this growing service.

There hasn’t been much development of this type of offering with more remote features to anyone who travels further and farther from developing villages. With such a huge remote audience, providing such a service can seem daunting. However, anyone who is beginning or already accustomed to the lack of available options can definitely see to it of additional features that would work better. Since 2011 or when “will-calls” we’re widely available, there wasn’t much development until recently.

After being restless throughout the day, I wanted to relax but I was also really hungry. In addition, I’ve been delaying to purchase a mobile phone case protector for my phone that no local store offers. First thing I did when my hunger hit was I went to the local grocery store. I stumbled across this yellow locker outside the store a few times before learning that it was an online retailer’s mailbox locker. Amazon’s mailbox locker. I fell in love for the first time with a machine. A mobile mailing box? That’s right.

Arhats did not get paid for this article by Amazon or any other entity in the shipping industry.

This is quite a resourceful tool for any individual in any lifestyle because if home or a shipping carrier with will-call is too far away, one is climbing in the Rockies, one is unable to find a local boot store or local retailer within distance and unwilling to lease a post office box or find one closer, a remote twenty four hour around the clock mailbox locker may solve problems that would otherwise be dormant longer in time. It may be a little bit more work to travel back down to that closest grocery store to pick up the package from an intelligent locker but this new option is better than none.

Shipping services have just been tapping into this well of advanced delivery tools. Because of this delivery race, there may just be a mailing locker near that trail and you may not have to detour your walk.

Just because movements like this is becoming a powerful influence to our demands and needs, does not necessarily mean that we will be able to fulfill happiness equally. Similarly, security and safety can be a concern and some wild animals have enough strength to tear through metal. Even though the other side of the fork may be rockier, the idea of having to detour will be more comfortable to absorb through.

When innovation comes from opportunity, heart, passion and equality, life would be sweeter.

Contributor: D Cheng 

October29, 2016 & Updated on October 24th, 2017


Because of the abundance of the things we rely on to help us live comfortably and we want to evolve, we forget to revert back to simplicity for growth.



The combination of technology and the outdoor world of things can make the challenge of traveling through the outdoor more comfortable.