High Five: A Fluid Gear that Moves the Outcome of Competition

Purpose. Credo. Passion. High Five. Some of the gears that move the outcome of competition.
Photo and design courtesy of ARHATS

For centuries, millennia and beyond, competition has been one of the forces that determined the growth and outcome of the inhabitants and its interconnections in this ecosystem.

Competition is generally understood in all categories of life that are aware to all of us. Seek. Gather. Protect and create.

However, human being’s purpose of use of competition has evolved and developed beyond the general use of competition.

Our continuous hikes to comfort continuously revamps our individual goals of competition. This advancement may seem unrelenting, yet it can be beautiful so lets use it wisely.

Generally, to compete is to “win” and “lose.” This overtone has been the locus of what we have been acclimated to. A trophy. Recognition.

Just because one benefit of competition are rewards, we should not expect it to advance our and other’s happiness on both ends of any playing field.

By understanding the authentic purpose each and every one of us have, the professional or recreational game that we live through becomes less about our general association with why we believe we are involved in competition or to the extent to how we believe competition reaches our individual or collective goals.

What ever the philosophy may be why one competes, competition has transformed into a powerful developmental tool. Not just the random tool for reaching your artificial interests, but the escape of closed thought.

Competition can be both good and bad. Like any sport or activity that you participate in, your happiness from the outcome of the activity is determined by how you approach it and how you reciprocate from the end. What defines your strength or weakness in the activity is up to your credo and entrance.

If you believe that you must compete in order to attain and share joy with others, then that happiness will depend on your philosophy and purpose.

November 3, 2016 & Updated on October 20th, 2017
Contributor: D Cheng

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